One of Adsafe's roles is to safeguard the church and its entities from abuse toward children and vulnerable persons.  This involves the development of Policy, Guidelines and Practices to guide the church in developing safer environments for people to experience and discover the love of God.  To this end Adsafe has initially developed a Safeguarding Framework particularly for the local church and church entities.  These materials can be found below. Click on the appropriate link to download the required document.

Adsafe is committed to consulting with other SDA entities to develop their own child protection policies and frameworks. Please contact your relevant school or SDA entity directly to request their child protection policy or framework.

Adsafe Safeguarding Framework

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 Child and Vulnerable Person Protection  <CVPPP>    

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 Role Requirements < RRG >  

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<B1.2 Guidelines>

<Implementation Update- Jan 2021>

<Nom Com Screening>

 Code of Conduct <CoC>  <CoC>    
 Reporting and Notifications Late 2023    

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 Risk Mitigation

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