Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is a list of behaviours that are encouraged and expected along with a list of behaviours that are not condoned.

The Code of Conduct

The full Code of Conduct is for those aged 18 and over. To sign the Code of Conduct and have this recorded in your on-line account, please go to our Training Portal.

For issues accessing or completing the Online Code of Conduct please contact us by submitting an enquiry using the training / compliance enquiry form.

Should you wish to review the content of the Code of Conduct, it can be viewed online here or downloaded from our Policies Page.

For more general information about the Code of Conduct and how it pertains to your local state or territory in Australia or New Zealand, see the Quick Reference Guides section below.

Young Leader Code of Conduct

Adsafe has recently released a version of the Code of Conduct for use ONLY with Young Leaders who are under the age of 18.

The Young Leader Code of Conduct outlines a set of expected behaviours for teenagers under 18 who are leaders or assistant leaders in a variety of church-related settings. These settings might include and are not limited to: Sabbath Schools; Pathfinders; Adventurers; Playgroups; Vacation Bible School/Holiday programs; Summer Camps; and Big Camps.

Signed copies of the Young Leaders Code of Conduct do not need to be returned to Adsafe and can be kept on file locally.

Once a Young Leader turns 18, they are then considered an adult and will need to agree to and sign the full Code of Conduct document (see The Code of Conduct section above) for continued involvement in child-related activities.

Pathfinder Code of Conduct

The Australian Union Conference (AUC) has released a Code of Conduct for Pathfinder Clubs to use with their pathfinder members (ages 10-16). This document is available on the AUC Pathfinder website.

Quick Reference Guides

These brochures are quick reference guides for the full Code of Conduct. Contained are explanations as to what the Code of Conduct is, why it's needed, boundaries, and useful contacts relevant to your conference location.