SDA Redress Scheme

The Seventh-day Adventist Church has been operating its own internal redress scheme to respond to allegations of child sexual abuse which took place in circumstances where the SDA Church was responsible for the care and welfare of that child. The approach to redress that we have taken is part of the SDA Church’s broader action to provide support to survivors of sexual abuse.

Redress is an acknowledgment by the SDA Church of the harm caused to survivors of child sexual abuse. All forms of sexual abuse is inexcusable under any circumstances. The SDA Church acknowledges the impact of this type of abuse is lifelong and by offering redress, the SDA Church hopes that survivors can be encouraged and assisted to a meaningful recovery.

View the SDA Church's Australian and New Zealand apologies here.

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For further information about the SDA Redress Scheme, click here to view the FAQs.

Australian National Redress Scheme

In addition to our own internal redress scheme, numerous Australian SDA Church entities are also participants in the Australian National Redress Scheme so that survivors can choose to access redress either through the internal scheme or through the National Redress Scheme, depending on their preference.

By addressing past wrongs the SDA Church wants survivors to know that we are committed to providing a safe environment for children and vulnerable people within our care. It is hoped that by addressing these wrongs and engaging with survivors we can learn from our mistakes in order to provide greater protection and support for our children and vulnerable people.