Services Offered

Adsafe offers the following services:

  1. Survivor Services - aim to support and empower survivors towards healing through the provision of phone support and active referral to professionals within their communities. They seek to promote self-determination in a caring, non-judgemental way, seeking justice and healing pathways.
  2. Redress - acknowledgement that child sexual abuse has occurred within our church in the past and facilitates a justice pathway that assists survivors through funding for counselling, an ex-gratia financial payment and through the provision of an apology and/or re-engagement with the Church, if desired.
  3. Safeguarding Services - raises awareness of sexual and physical abuse within all Seventh-day Adventist entities, programs and Church funded activities, through the provision of policies, frameworks and resources that support and help prevent further sexual and physical abuse.
  4. Offender Management - implements prevention strategies to mitigate against the risk of sexual and physical abuse against children and vulnerable people within the SDA Church. This team also coordinates, oversees and manages independent investigations.
  5. Policy and Compliance - policies and procedures are created and regularly reviewed to align with best-practice principles.