We encourage you to reach out to our Safeguarding Services Team who will be able to provide advice about compliance with legislation and regulations, which relate to the protection of children and other vulnerable persons.

Currently our training is available for all people working in leadership and/or child related positions within our church entities across Australia and New Zealand.

Our training is available online and can be accessed at online training portal.

Given the number of entities and people we support, online training is our preferred option. We do however acknowledge that not everyone is able to either access or complete the training online. We strongly encourage every church to appoint a person who is able to sit with and assist their church members who either do not have internet access or do not feel they are able to complete the training by themselves online.

Please reach out to your Adsafe Compliance Officer if you feel you are not able to complete this training online and together we can look at how best to assist you.

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