Job Descriptions

Please find below a collection of Job Descriptions for persons working in church roles. Adsafe would like to acknowledge the work of past church departmental directors for their input in the development of these descriptions.  

Other Local Church Roles (compiled by Adsafe)

These Job Descriptions were compiled from a variety of sources, including the brochures originally produced by the Personal Ministries, Sabbath School, and Youth Departments. They have been written to be a general resource and include functions that relate to Adsafe. They can be adapted further to be relevant to your local church.

pdf-icon-16x16.png Church Board Member

pdf-icon-16x16.png Church Elder

pdf-icon-16x16.png Children's Ministries Leader

pdf-icon-16x16.png Children's Sabbath School Leader

pdf-icon-16x16.png Children's Sabbath School Teacher

pdf-icon-16x16.png Deacon Job Description

pdf-icon-16x16.png Deaconess Job Description

pdf-icon-16x16.png Pathfinder Club Director

pdf-icon-16x16.png Pathfinder Club Counsellor

pdf-icon-16x16.png Adventurer Club Director

pdf-icon-16x16.png Adventurer Club Group Teacher or Counsellor

pdf-icon-16x16.png Nominating Committee Member Job Description

Produced by the Personal Ministries, Sabbath School, and Youth Departments

These Job Description brochures are in the process of being re-written by Adsafe and will gradually be replaced into the section above.

(Please note, due to departmental changes at the SPD, the URL links used in the following brochures are no longer relevant)

pdf-icon-16x16.png Church Librarian

pdf-icon-16x16.png Teen SS Leader

pdf-icon-16x16.png Teen SS Assistant

pdf-icon-16x16.png Youth SS Leader

pdf-icon-16x16.png Youth SS Assistant

pdf-icon-16x16.png Youth Leader