Brochures, Fact Sheets and Posters

Adsafe has a collection of Brochures, Fact Sheets and Posters suitable for use at your local church (or related church entity).


These posters were created to be used as is, with no edits or changes to be made....with the exception of adding the names of the Church Pastor and Adsafe Compliance Assistant.

The four posters (from left to right) are:

Code of Conduct - summarising the main elements of the Code of Conduct

Screening - listing the elements of the screening process for child-related volunteers and board members in the local church

Parents Only - a reminder that only the parent/carer is to attend to a child's personal needs

Generic - promoting a child-safe environment

File Types

High Resolution (high-res)

high quality pdf file for regular home or office printing [print-ready]

Low Resolution (low-res)

smaller size jpg file for sending in emails for informational purposes

Professional Print (prof-print)

pdf file for printing with a professional print shop and includes 5mm of bleed and crop marks  [print-ready]

Printing Options

You are welcome to arrange your own colour printing of the posters for display and sharing in your local churches and associated entities.

Adventist Media also have a facility to print a set of posters and ship them to you . . . more information